The story of our company name: Balatibala Plant-Based Foods

Balatibala Plant-Based Foods is the parent company that produces Moong Pani Soup Teas.  We thought you might be interested to know the story of our company name.


Balatibala means ‘from strength to strength’.  This perfectly speaks to our values of how we live, work and play in life – building on our strengths, one step at a time.

Pujya Swami Shantananda, Senior Spiritual Teacher at Chinmaya Mission Tristate had suggested the name Balatibala for our company, because Moong Pani has the two qualities of ‘bala’ and ‘atibala’ as depicted in this inspiring story:

In the ancient Indian legends of Ramayana, the story goes that the two teenage princes Sri Rama and Lakshmana were sent to the wilderness to destroy the powerful demons who were disrupting the sacred yagna ceremonies conducted by the sages for the betterment of the world.  To help the princes through such monumental feats, the great warrior Sage Vishwamitra gave them two mantras ‘bala and atibala’: one to overcome thirst and the other to overcome hunger.  By invoking the powers of these mantras, the young princes could overcome their hunger, thirst and fatigue.  This helped them build and sustain their strength to succeed in their mission of protecting the good and destroying evil. 

Moong Pani Soup-Tea does exactly that – it quenches our thirst and satiates our hunger – taking us through the day. The vision of our company, Balatibala, is to inspire us to go from strength to strength in our own individual ways.

Moong Pani is Balatibala's newest product line. We look forward to bringing you more innovative product lines all made from the ‘queen of legumes’ - mung beans.  Stay tuned!